Welcome at the

2nd Virtual Mixed Teams Tournament

MAY (21st/22nd) 23rd-24th 2020 in your dining room, garden... BBO

Date: May 23rd/24th with additional matches thursday and friday

Location: BridgeBaseOnline

Venue/Accommodation: Your home... Hope we can return to real bridge soon, but this year we can't change it...

Schedule: The key playing time is Saturday 11:00 – Sunday 20:00. We try a special concept regarding the playing times. We will play 10board matches in four stages. http://www.mixed-teams.de/Zeitplan_2020_v1.pdf

Entry fee:

- Obligatory: 30€ contribution per team, covering the costs for organization, TD etc. Junior teams play for free

-> Bank details will be sent as soon as you register

- Optional prize pool: Since we must host this event online there will be no prize pool


Organisation: Marie Eggeling [marabelle] (marie.eggeling@mixed-teams.de) and Thomas Gotard [Tomi2] (thomas.gotard@mixed-teams.de) – feel free to ask questions via email, Facebook or any other way!

Tournament directors: WBF/EBL directors Jakub Kasprzak [Kubusiu] (Poland) and Jacob Duschek [Duschek] (Denmark). If >30 teams register we might add a third (co-)director.



We hope both directors will have little work because we expect a friendly atmosphere with few irregularities and penalties!

Web: we will launch a website (www.mixed-teams.de) and start a Facebook group soon. You can use both sources to get in touch with other (potential) participants.

Networking: You wish to participate, but don’t have a partner or teammates? You need help with transportation? Contact us or leave a comment in the Facebook group/on the homepage. We will try to connect you with each other!

Registration: Contact us via email only and name your team and teammates.

Conditions of participation: We generally welcome all friendly bridge players, regardless of their nationality, age or playing strength. As this is an invitational tournament we do however reserve the right to refuse registrations. Each partnership has to be mixed in gender at any time.

Schedule, Format, Scoring:

Time table:

We have a flexible schedule according to your preferences.


Rounds marked in bold letters are mandatory playing times for every team. Consequently every team plays a minimum of 90 boards (10 boards per round). Every team may add 0-27 optional rounds. If you like playing bridge in the morning – sign in for those rounds! If you don’t want a 3 hour dinner break, play bridge! Your team consists of night owls? Feel free to play the 10 p.m. session as well.

Calculation of the final result:

In the end your VP average is most important, but some modifications will be made. Every round you play counts for your VP average. We encourage everyone to play 120 boards (12 rounds). If you want to sit out more, the following rules apply:

-          First 18 voluntary sitouts “we don’t want to play” will not influence your VP average.

-          19th,20th and 21st voluntary sitouts will count as [maximum (your team average | 10 VP)]. So the rounds 10-12 you will get no more then 10VP.

Tea,s who play more then 15 rounds are less likely to get a good average above 12VP. IF your team decides to play 15 or more rounds, you will revice bonus-VP after round 29. 15th match = 0.1VP,  16th match = 0.2 VP, 17th match = 0.3 VP etc. So if you play 17 matches you get 0.1+0.2+0.3 = 0.6 VP bonus! This is limied to 1VP per match


For example:

·        Team A plays only 9 sessions and achieves an average of 12 VP:

            [9x12 + 3x10] = 138 divided by 12 scores = 11.50 VP

·        Team B played 12-14 or more sessions and achieves an average of 12 VP = 12.00VP

·        Team C played 20 sessions and ended up with an average of 9 VP: 180 + 0.1 + 0.2 + 0.3  + 0.4 + 0-5 + 0.6 = 182.1 /20 = 9.11 VP


The tournament will consist of two stages and a final round. The first sessions (4 mandatory and all) will be seeded matches.

To determine the strength of a team we add each player’s WBF (all categories) and EBL master points and take the square root of this. The sum of the four highest ranked players will be the team’s seeding points.

This way, teams with four relatively strong players will be seeded higher than teams with one master and three unrated players.

We try to ensure that the average seeding points of each team’s opponents is similar to the average seeding points of the field without the team’s own seeding points.

Fixed Rounds 5-8 will be played in a  Swiss movement. Rematches with optional rounds are possible.

Round 36 will be conducted in Danish style with the current score after round 35 including all adjustments. Teams 1 and 2 play at table 1, Teams 3 and 4 at table 2…

Teams at table 1 cannot drop lower than 2nd place overall, teams at table 2 cannot move higher than 3rd place and not drop lower than 4th place. The result in those matches counts as two single matches, to give it a character of a final / play-off match. Tables 3, 4…n also play Danish but with no further restrictions and no double score.


Each match will be scored in VP according the WBF 20 VP scale for 10 boards.

Non-voluntary sitouts (odd number of teams, withdraws) will be scored as [maximum of (your teams average | 12 VP)]

Adjustments for too many voluntary sitouts will be added after round 29

Penalties will be added (subtracted) after each round immediately.


Adjustments for opponent’s strength will be added/subtracted after round 29:

There ist a risk that teams might get (un-)lucky playing over-/underseeded teams in the first stage or getting opponents of a different level in the optional swiss rounds. There will be adjustments for playing against strong/weak teams. We consider teams averaging 8-12 VP after 35 round as “normal”=> no adjustment.

For each match you played against a team higher than 12 VP average, you get [Their average – 12 VP] adjustment, for each match you played against a team lower than 8 VP you get [8 VP- Their average] negative adjustment.

http://www.mixed-teams.de/rules_2020_II.pdffor more details

http://www.mixed-teams.de/Regeln_2020_II.pdffür die deutsche Fassung der Regeln